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Curator, reviewer, executive producer and cultural manager, she graduated from the Université de Paris. She is the Vice President of the Association of Friends of the Circo Memory Center (2021/2023), was manager of the Tendal da Lapa Cultural Center and of the Circus Qualification Center (2017/2020), of the Circo Escola Picadeiro (1985 to 2008 ), and Commissioner of CNIC - Conselho Nacional Incentivo Cultura (2017/2018).She was the executive producer of the Festival Internacional de Circus (2018 to 2020). Governador Award (2011 to 2016), and was curator of the Festival Paulista de Circo (2007 to 2018) Founder and president of the Cooperativa Brasileira de Circo (2005/2016), member of the São Paulo State Culture Plan Commission (2015 ), coordinator of Aliança Pró Circo (2010 to 2016), executive producer of Palhaçaria Paulistana (2007 to 2015), of Palhaçaria do Litoral (2014/2015), Palhaçaria do Nordeste (2014). Circus Memory (2012/2016), and Circo Piolin - Internal Festival of the SESc (2013/2015). She is the director of Circo de Ébanos (since 2007).

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