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Graduated in guitar, teacher of community guitar, he specializes in treating and tuning string instruments, especially Guitar, Bass and Guitar, with courses in these categories. Stage/roadie producer for over 20 years, he has accumulated experience in TV shows, big shows and national tours. In recent years, he has followed the tours and presentations of Gimelandia, Sambasonics, Filó Machado Sexteto, Felipe Machado, Baile dos Werneck and Originalis do Samba, among others. Performed the stage production of online concert recordings by Filó Machado Sexteto, VerDe Perto, the ecological musical, Felipe Machado, Brasileirinhos – music for the animals of Brazil. He is a stage producer at the Maifest (since 2016) and Brooklinfest (since 2016) festivals, Festival das Marias – International Feminine Arts Festival (since 2020), at the Festival SP Choro in Jazz (2021), at the Festival SP Roots Music (2021) )

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