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He has been working since 2009 in executive production, production, production assistant, management and logistics coordination for shows, events, shows and promotional actions for collectives, groups, company. and independent artists, producing local, regional, national and international circulation. It also works with the development of fundraising projects via public notices and parliamentary amendments. She is currently a partner of the company Linha 3 Produções, bridging the gap between artists from the Federal District and São Paulo, also promoting the circulation of shows nationwide. In Brasília, the work carried out with Cia. Nós No Bambu stands out, which for 4 years has been promoting the group's circulation in the states of São Paulo, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and in the second half of 2020 they will go to the north and northeast regions. and south of the country. With her parliamentary amendment projects, Gisele Tressi seeks to bring access to art to schools, poor peripheral populations with difficult access to cultural circuits and events in public facilities.

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